Destination: New York

5 days in the big apple, lived up to the hype … from getting a stiff neck from always walking around looking up at the crazy big skyscrapers to chilling out in some of the hippest bars of Brooklyn.


We covered some major ground here are some of the highlights of what we did:

– Walked the Brooklyn Bridge
– Ate a New York Bagel with a “cupa coffee”
– Took the Staten Island Ferry
– Saw the statue of liberty
– Checkout China Town and Little Italy
– Got barged about in the hectic time square, eat a hot dog and got mustard everywhere
– Walked around Central Park, saw the John Lennon Memorial
– Met up with Arun, who showed us about Williamsburg, we drank too much
– Had dinner in Harlem
– Got lost on the subway
– Ate the biggest deli sandwich from Katz Deli
– Day drinking on with a panoramic view of New York

here’s some photos

More coming soon,
Stephen and Katie

6 thoughts on “Destination: New York

  1. Looks like you did it all! Brought back so many memories of our time in NYC last October. Hope you are getting plenty of free lifts, now that you are truly car-less!

  2. Hi looks as though you are having a great time. Wish we were there!!! Really liked the photos as they brought back memories of when we were in NY.
    Looking forward to following your journey.
    Cheers Auntie Jan and Uncle Graham

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