The Good Ol’ US of A


A trip to the states is always a good time. It’s filled with laughs and a significant amount of food. Musson had a six day run of eating bacon and fries and now that we’ve relaxed a bit, it’s back to smoothies for breakfast…I actually think that’s only happened once. Oops

Some highlights so far…

-Seeing family! There are just too many highlights here to mention when mentioning these incredible people.

– Reunion with my ladies.

– Musson was asked if it hurts when he does an American accent!? WHAT???

– Musson won a dance off with our brother-in-law Wade. What was the prize you might be asking yourself?? A picture on my mother’s refrigerator! Very high stakes.

The dance floor was cleared, and the crowd was mesmerised by the moves of both ‘Get It Hype Wade’ and ‘Stephen The British Bulldog’.

Wade did well, this should be noted. Stephen happened to take it over the top by connecting with the audience with his smooth moves and somewhat strange eye contact. To make it all even more worth the much sought after picture on the fridge, he earned superstar status to the kids at the wedding. Awesome!


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